3 Powerful Secrets to Lose Weight Easily and Naturally

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20th Aug 2019 | Tuesday | 11 am – 12 pm | IST

20th Aug 2019 | Tuesday
11 am – 12 pm (IST)

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What You'll Learn

How to Win the YOYO game of weight loss and gain

Why Do We Lose Weight and Gain it Back? Why Don’t We Lose Weight Despite Doing Everything? Are dieting and starving the only ways to lose weight?

What makes an impact and what doesn't, for weight loss

How much dessert is ok? Any alternative for sugar? Are Age and Medical Conditions genuine reasons for not Losing Weight?

5 Powerful Secrets to Lose Weight Easily and Naturally

If losing weight isn’t simple and is not customized as per your lifestyle, you are not doing it the right way. Losing weight need not be a painful exercise.

About the Speakers

Mayuri Gadkari

  • MSc Food science and Nutrition
  • UK certified Diabetes educator
  • Life member of Indian Dietetics Association
  • 5 years of work experience as Clinical Nutritionist at multi-speciality hospitals and Corporate Clinical Nutritionist at MNCs

Shruti Chaudhary
(Mind Coach)

  • TEDx Speaker
  • Certified Mind Coach
  • Personal Branding Coach
  • Certified Life Skills Trainer
  • International Certified Train the Trainer
  • International Beauty Pageant Personality Coach

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