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Learn 3 Powerful Secrets to
Lose Weight Easily and Naturally

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Learn 3 Powerful Secrets to
Lose Weight Easily and Naturally

With the right approach, there is no need to starve or engage in fad diets. There are much simpler and natural ways to do it, and they are as easy as incorporating some healthy habits in your lifestyle.

After training 1000s of clients lose weight, now we share these secrets with you. Join us for 1 hour online session.


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Who should attend this?


If you have a very Busy Work Schedule and feel you can never EVER lose weight and get in shape.


If you’ve been thinking losing post-pregnancy weight is not possible and this is how it will always be.


If you think age and medical conditions like PCOD, Thyroid etc just won’t allow you lose weight.

Lavanya Meesala
Centre Head

KarizmaticU 10 days Weight Loss Challenge was an amazing experience. Never thought any diet would be so interesting with so many food variations.

Thanks for introducing me to new foods which have become our family’s favorite. Lost 1.8 kgs but my energy is doubled, feel very active and most of the pains which I was suffering from have actually vanished. Guess that’s the magic of clean eating.

Now even if there is a food feast spread in front of me, I’m sure I know what to eat & how much to eat.

Mind coaching is an icing on the cake, simple statements just told to yourself actually matter a lot. You guys are an amazing team. Keep doing the great work.

What You'll Learn

How to Win the YOYO game of weight loss and gain

Why Do We Lose Weight and Gain it Back? Why Don’t We Lose Weight Despite Doing Everything? Are dieting and starving the only ways to lose weight?

What makes an impact and what doesn't, for weight loss

Is tea-coffee harmful? Is green tea beneficial? How much dessert is ok? Any alternative for sugar? Are Age and Medical Conditions genuine reasons for not Losing Weight?

3 Powerful Secrets to Lose Weight Easily and Naturally

If losing weight isn’t simple and is not customized as per your lifestyle, you are not doing it the right way. Losing weight need not be a painful exercise.

Business Owner

I had never done any weight loss thing and had only seen ads of them. I didn’t really have faith in these kind of programs. But at the same time I wanted to lose some weight, so I decided to try it.

I lost 3 kgs in 10 days. My eyes popped out. I couldn’t really believe it was happening to me.

This one really works. Everything about the program is well planned. The Nutrition plans, the exercise plans, the mind coaching talks – everything is superb. Even the dressing well tips are amazing.

They monitor everything which made me feel cared for. This challenge makes weight loss scientific and easy. Go for it.

About the Speakers

Mayuri Gadkari

  • MSc Food science and Nutrition
  • UK certified Diabetes educator
  • Life member of Indian Dietetics Association
  • 5 years of work experience as Clinical Nutritionist at multi-speciality hospitals and Corporate Clinical Nutritionist at MNCs

Shruti Chaudhary
(Mind Coach)

  • TEDx Speaker
  • Certified Mind Coach
  • Personal Branding Coach
  • Certified Life Skills Trainer
  • International Certified Train the Trainer
  • International Beauty Pageant Personality Coach
Sudheer - Living a KarizmaticU life !!

CEO, Vitality Health Services

10 Days Weight Loss Challenge was a game changer for me.

I lost 3.4 kgs in 10 days and lost another 0.6 kgs post that. Total 4kg weight loss in 2 weeks.

I am able to jog 4 times longer as well & still not feeling breathless.

The best thing is that it wasn’t tough at all.

The challenge whatsapp group managed by Shruti (along with experienced nutritionist & gym trainer) really motivated all to bring warrior vigor. So, do jump in and take it up!

Something shifted internally for sure :-).

4.9 out of 5

4.8 out of 5

Lets Get Back in Shape

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