Weight Loss is not just about
Meal Plans and Workouts !!

Shruti Chaudhary (Mind Coach)

Shruti Chaudhary
Mind Coach

People miss out on one of the most critical factor when they are trying to lose weight.

Despite so many weight loss programs and good dietitians, obesity levels in India still remain at an all time high.

We cracked the secret 3 years ago and have helped 1000s lose weight by keeping it simple.

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Your Health Guide to “What a Healthy Day Looks Like

Shruti Chaudhary
Mind Coach

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Your Health Guide to “What a Healthy Day Looks Like
What is the Secret?

Let me ask you few simple questions.

If you have these options, what will you choose?

Having home cooked food is the easiest way to lose weight .

Isn’t this healthier?

Junk food can be part of life when trying to lose weight , just eat in moderation.

But more than 90% people will chose Pizza. Why?

You have 30 min free time. What will you chose?

When trying to lose weight, can you take out just 15 min for your workout, out of 1440 min in a day?

Isn’t this healthier?

When trying to lose weight, can you take out 15 min per day for your workout, from hours of fb/netflix time?

But more than 90% will go for this.

Getting onto a meal plan from a dietitian is termed as “dieting” – a term that frustrates most people.

Because of which, many drop out of weight loss program before reaching their fitness goals.

And then there are those who see their weight go up few months after finishing the plan.

What is causing the problem – the dietitians or their scientifically calibrated meal plans or gym trainers or something else?

I have come to realize that this happens because no one is working on the most critical part of any weight loss program, “Mind Conditioning”.

It is being forgotten that people who will follow these plans have a life full of emotions, lifestyle preferences and constraints.

Therefore, I strongly believe “Mind Conditioning” plays 60% role in a weight loss program.

That’s what 1000s of our webinar attendees and clients have come to realize. As a result, they have seen tremendous results with simple lifestyle habits.

During the LIVE Online Session, I will mind coach you with simple secrets that no one is talking about. Join me for the session and kick-off your fitness journey now.

Your Health Guide to “What a Healthy Day Looks Like
this is for you..
Foods with multiple colors can determine the success of your weight loss journey.

If you have tried many plans but nothing has worked. Or you lost but gained it all back.

Hectic life is just an excuse for not being able to lose weight , its not a Reason!!

If you have a very hectic schedule and feel you can never EVER lose weight.

Post pregnancy weight can be kicked off with a smart journey to lose weight .

If you are not losing weight due to PCOD, Thyroid, Post Pregnancy or other conditions.

Lavanya Meesala
Centre Head

KarizmaticU 10 days Weight Loss Challenge was an amazing experience. Never thought any diet would be so interesting with so many food variations.

Thanks for introducing me to new foods which have become our family’s favorite. Lost 1.8 kgs but my energy is doubled, feel very active and most of the pains which I was suffering from have actually vanished. Guess that’s the magic of clean eating.

Now even if there is a food feast spread in front of me, I’m sure I know what to eat & how much to eat.

Mind coaching is an icing on the cake, simple statements just told to yourself actually matter a lot. You guys are an amazing team. Keep doing the great work.

Sudheer - Living a KarizmaticU life !!

CEO, Vitality Health Services

10 Days Weight Loss Challenge was a game changer for me.

I lost 3.4 kgs in 10 days and lost another 0.6 kgs post that. Total 4 kg weight loss in 2 weeks.

I am able to jog 4 times longer as well & still not feeling breathless.

The best thing is that it wasn’t tough at all.

The challenge whatsapp group managed by Shruti (along with experienced nutritionist & gym trainer) really motivated all to bring warrior vigor. So, do jump in and take it up!

Something shifted internally for sure :-).

Your Health Guide to “What a Healthy Day Looks Like
Why is this different?

We often get asked to share tips to lose weight. But the problem with these tips is that there are plenty available already on the internet. Do people follow them?

There are many generic diets to lose weight, available for FREE on the internet. Do people follow them?

Majority of people just read them without taking any action.

In this session, its all about taking action. And that’s how the session has been structured.

It is important to set right the context so that you know why you are doing what you are doing. And then we share with you step-by-step guidelines on how to lose weight – and these are powerful and actionable than those tips to lose weight.

Remember, why people don’t do what they should do, has all to do with the mindset. And that’s what we will tackle in this session.

The session is LIVE so that you can participate and contribute with your experiences on how you have been trying to lose weight. Also, I want you to ask me queries that I can answer then and there.

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Health Guide – What a Healthy Day Looks Like

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