Be a KarizmaticU

Precisely curated programs crafted to gradually transform your personal power. Enhance your lifestyle across various facets of life - fitness, appearance, communication, relationship management, enhancing self belief and much much more...



/ 3 months

Group Coaching Weight Loss Program
Weight Loss Challenge - 3 months access
Meals based on simple home cooked food
Intense Mind Coaching
Weekly Sessions with coaches
Healthy Recipes
Lifetime KarizmaticU Stars Membership
Lifestyle Management Guidelines
Treasures for Life
Control Emotional Eating
Healthy Mind Blueprint
How to Install a Habit
Elevate Your Personality Blueprint

This program is built on the strong foundation of Connection-First approach with accountability, mind conditioning and sustainable nourishment plans as pillars towards a healthy lifestyle.



/ 3 months

Everything in Silver +
Personalized Weight Loss Program - 90 days
Online Workout Sessions - 3 months
Personalized Nutrition Consultation
Weekly Health Challenges and Monthly Exclusive Sessions
Transition Meal Plan
Attitude to Altitude
How to Create Lasting Impressions
How to Overcome Fears and Doubts
Style Your Shape, Shape Your Style
Communication Blueprint
Confidence Booster Challenge
Personal Power Formula

This program focuses on intense and accountability-driven approach towards your fitness as well as personal development. Empower yourself with mindset shift to see results across all arenas of your life.



/ year

Everything in Gold +
You 2.0 - Extensive Personal Transformation
Intense Weekly Sessions with Shruti
Move from Blame frame to Outcome frame
Tools to Move from Confusion to Clarity
Make Your Mind Work FOR You and Not AGAINST You
Learn things that make or break a relationship
Tools to process negative emotions like anger, guilt, hurt, anxiety etc.
How to be in a confident radiant state in minutes
Appearance and Clothing - Your Personal Grooming Routine
How to Talk so Everyone Listens
How to Overcome our Own Resistances
Progress vs Perfection
How to reject Rejections
How to Get More Done in Less Time - Build a No Excuses Life
Self-programming Manual
You 2.0 Challenge
Millionaire Mindset

The Program is designed to uplift your personality in ways you never imagined. Become a master of your life and take complete charge of your appearance, fitness, communication, self-belief, confidence, relationships and all-round personality.