Goldstar Membership Program focuses on intense and accountability-driven approach towards your fitness as well as personal development. The program will empower you to take charge and make things happen, which will result in mindset shift across all arenas of your life.

your past does not define your future

We often think that..

because I did not lose weight in the past, I will not lose it ever.

because I've never been a confident person, its too late for me now.

because I've always have been worried about consequences and did not take action, I'm not supposed to live the life that I desire.

If you are the one who has been there, this program will retune your mind to be a person who takes necessary actions to achieve desired goals.

Goldstar is an action-oriented, accountability-driven and personal transformation program where we focus on...

Nutrition and Fitness
Mindset and Thoughts
Confidence, Attitude and Communication
Appearance and Power Personal Branding

Imbibe a lifestyle that you continue for life

In just 90 days, you will be ready to take charge of your fitness and personality because this program is all about taking small but consistent actions on a regular basis.

Motivation can take you somewhere but habits are what define a journey towards massive success.


When you enroll for Goldstar, you also get KarizmaticU Silver Membership, which is a comprehensive package of programs designed to ensure that you have a simple, fun and engaging journey of weight loss. We help you sail through your weight loss journey effortlessly while celebrating small wins on the way.

90-Day Personalized Weight Loss Program
worth ₹ 29,999

Daily Meal Plans

Based on your lifestyle, eating preferences and fitness goals. You also get cheat meal every week.

Personalized Consultations

Daily food coaching, weekly weight loss targets and monthly consultation calls with dietitian.

Intense Mind Coaching

Monthly Mind Coaching Sessions, Weekly Health Challenges for habit building and more.

Transition Meal Plan

BONUS meal plan with special guidelines to manage weight after 90 days program is over. You also get additional 15 days support.

120+ Healthy Recipes

Incorporate simple yet yummy recipes that your family also loves.

Personalized Meal Plans and Coaching for 90 days
4 Personalized Meal plans basis lifestyle and preferences
Meal Plans change every 21 days
Daily Food Coaching by coaches
Weekly Session on Zoom with the coaches
Reinforcement of healthy habits
Transition Meal Plan for life after the program is over
Lose upto 14kg of body weight
Meal plans based on simple home-cooked food
One cheat meal every week
Weekly weight loss targets to stay motivated
Weekly progress monitoring
Mind Coaching to crack your nutrition blueprint
120+ Healthy Recipes


Weight Loss Challenge

During your 90 day personalized program, engage on Telegram with active community that is also on same journey as yours. Get access to all trackers on the hub.

Lifestyle Management Guidelines

Post festive detox, fasting plans, manage weight during parties, PCOD/Thyroid/Diabetes guidelines.

Healthy Mind Blueprint

Connect with Your Inner Self to Create a Reality that you Desire and Deserve.

Treasures for Life

Overcome Past Reasons of Failure - Manage Sweet Cravings, Manage Time, Mindset Shifts. Recordings for weekly sessions.

How to Install a Habit

Powerful Tools and Trackers to Build Habits Easily and Enhance Quality of Your Life.

Control Emotional Eating

Emotional Eating is one of the most prominent reason for weight gain. Learn to get rid of it for lifetime.

Elevate Your Personality Blueprint

Become a Magnet for Opportunities and Lead a Fulfilling Life Personally and Professionally.

Communication Blueprint

Become an effective communicator by knowing what matters most in a conversation.

Self Esteem Blueprint

Enhance Your Self Esteem and Achieve the Goals You Desire.

Style Your Body Shape Blueprint

Learn the art of dressing appropriately.