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Goldstar Nutrition and Fitness Program - 90 days
Personalized Nourishment Plan for 90 days
Nourishment Plan changes every 21 days
Meals Plans based on Simple Home Cooked Food
Personal Nutrition Consultation
Online Workout Sessions - 3 times a week for 3 months
Weekly Health Challenges with Trackers
Monthly Exclusive Sessions with Shruti
One Transition Meal Plan at the end of 90 days
MEGA BONUS - Access to group coaching Weight Loss Challenge for 6 months after your personalized program ends.
Goldstar Bonuses (Lifetime Access)
Attitude to Altitude
How to Create Lasting Impressions
How to Overcome Fears and Doubts
Style Your Shape, Shape Your Style
Confidence Booster Challenge
Personal Power Formula


membership rewards included...

Lifetime KarizmaticU Stars Membership
Access to Exclusive Telegram Group for Food Coaching and Community Engagement
Intense Mind Coaching
Weekly Sessions with Coaches
Travel and Festive Guidelines
Nutrition Guidelines for PCOD, Thyroid, Diabetes
Fasting Guidelines
Ultimate Weight Loss Strategies
Intense Habit Trackers
120+ Healthy Recipes
Mindset Transformation (Lifetime Access)
Healthy Mind Blueprint
Control Emotional Eating
How to Install a Habit
Treasures for Life
Personality Transformation (Lifetime Access)
Elevate Your Personality Blueprint
Communication Blueprint
Dress to Impress Blueprint
Self-Esteem Blueprint
Decode the Relationship Blueprint

Important Information

  • If you are already with us on an ongoing personalized nutrition program, it continues as it is. After that ends, this 90 day personalized nutrition Goldstar program starts.
  • If you are already on a group coaching program in the form of Weight Loss Challenge, your program completely transitions to personalized nutrition Goldstar program as mentioned above.
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