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Lose weight with simple, natural and sustainable approach.

Its not just about diet plans and exercises, but much more than that. We’ve created a comprehensive program that ensures you get adequate guidance from dietitians, motivation from Mind Coach, and an environment of positivity to achieve the weight loss goals that you have set for yourself.


Simple Home-Food Diet Plans ✔️
80+ Varieties of Food Options ✔️
Yummy Recipes ✔️
Coaches Monitor Every Meal ✔️
Know Your Portion Size ✔️
Intense Mind Coaching ✔️
Control Emotional Eating ✔️
Handle Sweet Cravings ✔️
Workout Videos ✔️
No Supplements ✔️
No Starving ✔️
Inculcate Healthy Habits ✔️
Travel / Party Guidelines ✔️
Fun and Motivating Environment ✔️

2000+ transformations

Handholding for 10 days.
Learnings for life.

Healthy, tasty, simple home cooked food with yummy recipes

» New meal plan DAILY – diet plans are not boring
» Home-cooked food based simple meal plans
» Cherish yummy recipes while you get fit
» Over 80 varieties of meal options to chose from
» North Indian Options / South Indian Options
» Veg Options / Non-Veg Options
» No Supplements. No Processed Food

» 10 days of hand-holding on whatsapp group
» Stay connected with Dietitians and Mind Coach
» Engage with people who are on similar journey
» Consultation calls with Dietitian for guidance and clarity
» Intense Mind Coaching to keep you motivated
» Control over cravings – sweets, tea, coffee etc.
» Inculcate healthy habits that become part of life
» Make right eating choices even when travelling

And more...

» Simple yet effective workout regime
» Do it anytime at the comfort of your home
» Styling secrets to dress smart and slim
» Learn about accessories, footwear etc.

Exclusive: 90 minutes LIVE Online Masterclass

» Learn clear action-steps on what to do after 10 days
» Understand the secrets and science behind the program
» Continue the healthy journey that began with this program

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Comprehensive Transformation Program

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Disclaimer: Every body responds differently. Some see weight loss, some see inch loss, some see glow on skin.
Its the beginning of a sustainable journey.
Be honest, care for your body, give it time and it will respond well.

Why this program works?

Shruti Chaudhary
Mind Coach

Almost all weight loss programs are about diet plans and workout regimes. But that constitutes just 40% of what matters.

It cannot be argued that people who follow these plans have a life full of emotions, lifestyle preferences and other constraints.

That’s why “Mind Conditioning” needs to be a critical part of this journey so that one understands their blueprint with food, fitness and life in general.

We acknowledge this simple fact and create an environment that motivates and empowers people to turn their fitness goals from fantasy to reality.

Comprehensive Transformation Program

Also get FREE Health Guide
 What a Healthy Day Looks Like

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