Getting Back in Shape is not Just About
Diet Plans and WorkOut !!

Shruti Chaudhary - Mind Coach

Shruti Chaudhary
Mind Coach

Despite so many programs and good dietitians, obesity levels in India remain at an all time high.

That’s because people miss out on one of the most critical factor when they are trying to get fit.

We cracked this secret many years ago and have helped 1000s to lose weight by keeping it simple.

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Your Health Guide to “What a Healthy Day Looks Like
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The masterclass is for you..

If you have tried many plans but nothing works.

If you have a very hectic schedule and its not possible to follow complex diet plans.

If you are someone who is struggling with stubborn post pregnancy weight.

What is the Secret?

Let me ask you few simple questions.

If you have these options, what will you choose?

We know which one is healthier and we also know which one would be picked most times.

You have 30 min free time. What will you chose?

We know which one is healthier and we also know which one would be picked most times.

Mind Conditioning is as critical as Diet Plans and Workout.

Almost all good weight loss programs are about diet plans and workout regimes. But that constitutes just 40% of what matters.

One cannot ignore the fact that people who follow these plans have a life full of emotions, lifestyle preferences and other constraints.

That’s why “Mind Conditioning” needs to be a major component of any weight loss journey so that one is able to understand their blueprint with food, fitness and life in general.

Sadly, it has largely been ignored.

That’s what 1000s of our webinar attendees and clients have come to realize. As a result, they have seen healthy, happy and sustainable transformations.

During this LIVE Online Masterclass, I will unravel these simple secrets that no one is talking about. And these are something that will get you started on a fruitful journey of getting fit and staying fit.

Your Health Guide to “What a Healthy Day Looks Like

KarizmaticU Rockstars who have done it..

Lavanya Meesala
Centre Head

KarizmaticU 10 days Weight Loss Challenge was an amazing experience.

Never thought any diet would be so interesting with so many food variations. Thanks for introducing me to new foods which have become our family’s favorite.

Lost weight but my energy is doubled, feel very active and most of the pains which I was suffering from have actually vanished. Guess that’s the magic of clean eating.

Now even if there is a food-feast spread in front of me, I know what to eat & how much to eat.

Mind coaching is an icing on the cake, simple statements just told to yourself actually matter a lot. You guys are an amazing team. Keep doing the great work.

Sudheer - Living a KarizmaticU life !!

CEO, Vitality Health Services

10 Days Weight Loss Challenge was a game changer for me.

I lost weight and was able to jog 4 times longer as well & still not feeling breathless.

The best thing is that it wasn’t tough at all.

The challenge whatsapp group managed by Shruti, along with experienced nutritionists, really motivated all to bring warrior vigor. So, do jump in and take it up!

Your Health Guide to “What a Healthy Day Looks Like
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Health Guide – What a Healthy Day Looks Like

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