KarizmaticU Appearance

  • Do you secretly feel the desire to look much better than how you think you look?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable or intimidated in the company of others who are dressed well?
  • Do you struggle with what to wear, when to wear and how to wear?
  • Do you feel despite having too many clothes there is nothing that adds value to your personality and projects your true potential?
  • Do you meditate every single morning in front of your wardrobe?

If the answer to most of above questions is Yes, we’re here to help you overcome all the above and much more. We will work personally with you, hand-holding you in creating your impeccable image. This would include a detailed analysis of your need, your style, your roles and goals in life.

Discover Your Individuality

While it is important to be appropriate to your roles and goals, and attractive to look at, it is also equally important to project an image that is the real you and not a version of someone else. Each individual has a personal style based on his or her values and traits. However, it is an involved process to identify the same.

This session includes personal style evaluation and then recommendations on presenting an Image which is authentic.

After the completion of this evaluation you will understand what works for you and what you should avoid. We will pass on our knowledge so that you become your own personal stylist and immediately start shopping like one. Be Your Own Stylist !!!!

Power Dressing

You cannot climb the ladder of success in the costume of failure.

Your attire is communicating something all the time; there is no such things as Neutral Clothing. Power dressing is about dressing smart and dressing for success as per your personality traits, roles and goals in life.

This session will guide you through an effective use of International Style Scale to understand the language of clothes and will equip you with what to wear when and why. You will be over with the struggle of selecting your formals, casuals and business casuals.

Style your Shape & Shape your Style

Looking attractive is a basic human need. What most people do not understand is that it is not about what you wear but how you wear. Understanding your body shape and then the countering and repeating techniques to manage body variations is what makes one look attractive.

This session includes body shape evaluation and suggestions on dressing as per the same to present the best you. You are taught to Dress Slim.

After the completion of this evaluation you will understand what works for you and what you should avoid. We will pass on our knowledge so that you become your own personal stylist and immediately start shopping like one. Be Your Own Stylist !!!!

Face Shape Evaluation

Learn the art of grooming, skin care, hygiene and Image makers/breakers.

Know Your Face Shape which will guide you to choose apparel necklines, hairstyles, haircuts, sunglasses, eye-wear and jewellery such as earrings, necklaces etc.

Wardrobe Revamp

Do you have clothes which exist in your wardrobe for no reason? Do you do impulsive shopping? Do you often find yourself confused while getting dressed for an important meeting/occasion? Do you feel that it is a highly expensive proposition to maintain a wardrobe with a wide variety of clothes to suit all occasions?

Well, it doesn’t have to be like this.

Every clothing piece is a resource and you can use each piece to your advantage. Learn the concept of clustering, where you will be able to create multiple outfits out of the 3-4 clothing pieces.

This session includes evaluation of wardrobe to understand what works and what doesn’t work for you, and why. Based on the wardrobe evaluation, the consultants advise on what needs to be discarded and what needs to be bought using the concept of cluster to get more variety with lesser expense. A shopping list is then created which is just right for you. We make you shop from your own closet.

Every piece in your wardrobe will be to support and uplift your personality and will have a role to play.

Personal Shopping

A smart shopping experience which guides you what is right for you. The consultant accompanies you after a pre-shopping analysis and takes you to right places which sell what the client needs. This avoids impulse shopping and future wardrobe orphans.

During shopping, we will guide you with the right places to pick up right outfits.

How not to make the old mistakes of picking the pieces which do not belong to you, so save yourself a fortune for lifetime.

Flatter your body with right lingerie

Your outer clothes will not look great if not worn on a smooth and correct base. Avoid commonly made mistake while choosing lingerie and learn how to buy, store, wash and maintain lingerie. Right lingerie can make one’s size down by 1 and is the most important piece of one’s wardrobe.